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dreads are over one month old!
I have an appointment to talk to someone about my emotional problems.
I enjoy soup more than one should.
I need an adventure.
minnie noo

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did you know... down at the pawn shop.... its no other way to shop...omg...work is slow.

I am trying to once throw away all the note taking I do and just let it ride... ride life like a wave...wow now thats gay...I would rather ride life like a wave...since fucking gliding is out of the question...stupid movies and their gliding... its the new walking.. umm yeah. ..

I think my obsession with note taking stems from all the pot I smoked and not remembering a damn think.. now its become this full blow issue that makes my eye twitch.. I mean Jeezy Chreezy I worry if I wrote everything down on my list.....

just watch part on John Tucker Must Die where the smart reporter is talking about her lists...THATS MEEEE Sigh

my ex is calling me her girlfriend again.. I dont know what to do. I correct her... and she is like a BAD kid...just doesn't fucking care...cause seeeee we are to have this life together... you know...this life of me returning from PA...after breaking up with the REAL girlfriend and moving back to her area and living happy every after....after I take the dreads out cause I "wont be able to get a job with the hair..." cause she "isnt gonna be the only one to be working and paying for the children."
omg...please killll meeeeee...

I told her I am flying out on the 30th...and that was end of topic... soo.. whatever...she doesnt want to talk more about it then fineeeeee by me..

When I am able to get on the internet at home..I am going to look up sat stuff...oh the fun.....fun...fun...